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WT-Egypt 05:17 Days Panoramic Tour of Egypt: Cairo – Aswan – Kom Ombo – Edfu – Luxor – Red Sea – Alexandria – Baharya Oasis – White Desert – Dahab – Mount Sinai – St. Catherines Monastary
  • Day
    Arrival in Cairo

    As soon as you arrive at Cairo Airport, the guide will drive you to the hotel for dinner and rest. The rest of the day is for you to get ready for the following 17 days panoramic tour in Egypt.

  • Day
    Cairo – Aswan

    In the morning, you will visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, where you could appreciate the most magnificent buildings of ancient Egypt. Khufu, Khafre Khafra, Menkaura and Great Sphinx will truly present in people’s eyes rather than being a scenery in pictures. After that, you could go to Sakkara, where the unique stair-stepped pyramid of Zoser is located. When the tour ends, you will take a night train to Aswan.

  • Day

    Upon arrive in Aswan in the morning, you will go to check in the hotel and have dinner. After a brief rest, there is a visit to the famous Dam of Aswan, which is one of the worlds seven largest dams and the cornerstone of Egyptian civilization. Then the tour will be extended to the Temple of Philae, which is one of the three well preserved temples of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. In the end, you will return to the hotel for dinner and take a break.

  • Day

    After breakfast, you will board on Felucca, the traditional Egyptian sailing ship, to enjoy the next two days’ journey. It will take you to tour around the Elephantine and Kitchener islands. Both of the food and accommodation will be offered on the ship.

  • Day

    You will sail on the Nile by Felucca all the day, appreciating the beautiful scenery along the river and enjoying the god-given relaxing trip. Nubian party will be hold tonight.

  • Day
    Kom Ombo-Edfu-Luxor

    Today, you will leave Felucca for Kom Ombo and then ride a bus to visit Edfu Temple, which was built in 237 B.C. to honor God Horus with a human body but the wings and beak of an eagle. After that, you will drive to Luxor and check in the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon, the tour will take you to the east bank of Luxor where the world-famous Temple of Luxor and Temple of Karnak are based. The two spectacular temples bear witness to the passed greatness of Luxor.

  • Day

    After breakfast, you are going to the west bank of Luxor. The first stop is the world-famous Valley of the Kings, where you will see numerous tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaoh such as King Tutankhamuns tomb. The next stop is the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon, which stands in the wilderness between the west bank of Nile and the Valley of the Kings. After that, you will take a night train back to Cairo.

  • Day

    Upon arrival in Cairo in the morning, you will take an air-conditioned bus to Dahab and check in the hotel. You could enjoy leisure time at the Red Sea coast tonight.

  • Day

    You could spend the whole day diving, swimming, sunbathing and tasting local cuisine, fully appreciating the beautiful scenery of the Red Sea and enjoying leisure time.

  • Day

    It is the second day for you to relax in the Red Sea coastal town. After that, you will start the more immersed adventure in Egypt. Carpe diem.

  • Day
    Dahab-Mount Sinai

    After a good rest Dahab, you will leave for the Mount Sinai at 22:30 today. Mount Sinai means "Moon Mountain", which was named after an old man on the moon whose name was Sin in the ancient Semitic myth. It is a holy mountain in Christianity, and Christians honor it as the Holy Peak. You will climb up to the top of the mountain at night.

  • Day
    Mount Sinai-St. Catherines Monastery-Cairo

    You could watch the sunrise on top of Mount Sinai this morning. The scene that the sun gradually rises from Sinai Peninsula will deeply sink into your mind. After that, you will go down to visit the St. Catherines Monastery. This monastery of Greek Orthodox Church was built 1,400 years ago by the Eastern Roman Emperor. It was named after a beautiful talented woman Catherine in Alexander City 4th century A.D. in honor of her martyrdom against idolatry.  Finally, you will take a bus back to Cairo and check in the hotel for rest.

  • Day

    You will be arranged to visit the Egyptian Museum after breakfast. It is the largest venuen of ancient Egypt civilization, which owns a collection of the best known ancient Egyptian artifacts. After that, you will go to the old city of Cairo. In the Coptic Cairo, there is the Hanging Church, and in the Islamic Cairo, you will find the Saladin Citadel and the Mohammed Ali Mosque. Finally, you will have a ramble in the Khan al Khalili market where a variety of featured Egyptian handicrafts are sold.

  • Day
    Cairo – Baharya Oasis

    After breakfast, you will take a bus to the Bahariya Oasis. Upon arrival, you will check in a camp and take a break. After lunch, there is a visit to the Bir El Gaba and Gebel El Ingles. Bahariya Oasis is located in the western desert of Egypt and is one of the worlds top ten oases where visitors will grasp the true meaning of "the oasis in desert". Today, you will stay in the camp.

  • Day
    White Desert

    Today, you will ride a jeep to the White Desert. The desert is named for the sand here is as white as cream. You could also have a visit to Black Desert and Crystal Mountain. The region where Black Desert locates is a hilly area formed by the volcanic eruption and the stones here are all black, so its name. As for the Crystal Mountain, there is a lot of quartz crystal left. Tonight, you will stay in the camp in the White Desert.

  • Day
    White Desert-Bahariya Oasis -Cairo

    On the way driving back to Bahariya Oasis, you will enjoy the impressive view of Mountain of Miracles. Upon arrival, the bus will transfer you to Cairo before night.

  • Day
    Leaving Egypt

    After breakfast, you can take your time to pack up and then head for the airport to take a flight out of Egypt .You will return home with the 17 days’ beautiful memory.